Critical Help Needed

I have 3 days to clear out of a 5000 sq-ft warehouse and desperately need help to make it happen.

  • Friday 7/29/16: Help put stuff out for a warehouse sale. Lookup prices and mark products.
  • Saturday 7/30/16: Help at a warehouse sale.
  • Saturday and Sunday: Load stuff onto pallets and move into storage space.

I also need help getting the word out. 

There is a bunch of stuff to do. I need help doing it and I need moral support to keep my energy up. Really, I'd rather just go home and cry. But somehow I have to get this done as effectively as I can. I really don't have the skill set or hours in the day to do this.

I could use "Department Managers" who could take responsibility for product categories:

- Look up pricing (you would need to bring a computer -- I have wifi )

- Help customers during the sale

- You don't need to be an expert, just careful, thoughtful and basic e-commerce shopping skills.

Departments: Plastic Models, Trains, Radio Control, Educational Toys, Electronics Components, Robotics

    Why is this happening? I expanded the business haphazardly, didn't manage the problems properly and then let the whole mess drag on for a long time without really dealing with it.

    Here is a link to the sale page:

    If you can help: email or call 650-291-8043.

    I am not in a position to pay cash for help but definately can trade some stuff for your time.