Gear Motor 3: Right Angle Shaft

Tinkering Supplies

$ 7.99

This is is essentially the same as Gear Motor 2 but with a 90 degree output shaft.

This motor offers 50 in*oz of torque, rotating 360 degrees every 1.6 seconds (38 rpm - just a hair slower than a servo), at 5V, drawing 600mA at stall (free running at 52mA).

With a 7mm double-flat output shaft (avoid using the "D" output - it's not meant to take rotational load), and a built-in clutch (limiting at 60 in*oz, but easily "locked"), and built-in mounting screw holes, you can see why we like these motors!

Overall dimensions are 65mm (2.56") long x 22mm (0.867") x 18.5mm (0.73").

The motor does not include 30mm Plastic Wheel for GM Axle shown in the photo.
Brand: Tinkering Supplies
Brand Part Number: 1209
Our Part Number: b1209


2-5/8" GM Series Plastic Wheels
30mm Plastic Wheel for GM Axle

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