Solderless Breadboard w/400 Tie Points

Tinkering Supplies

$ 4.95

High quality solderless breadboard containing 400 tie-points including 100 on 4 bus lines. Contact points accept 19ga to 29ga solid wire and all DIP size components. The bus lines on each side of the board can be removed if not needed. The overall size is 2.15" x 3.3" or 1.4" x 3.3" with both sets of bus lines removed.

When you get your project working, you can transfer the layout directly to Solderable PCB BreadBoard w/ 400 Tie Points or Solderable PCB BreadBoard w/ 300 Tie Points with minimal effort.
Brand: Tinkering Supplies
Brand Part Number: 165-40-8010
Our Part Number: b2192

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