Direct Solar Powered Gear Motor


$ 17.99

This gear motor is is powered by a low current motor that can be directly driven by solar cells (or by batteries). The reduction gearbox provides higher torque and more manageable RPMs than plain solar motors, allowing for more useful solar powered projects. The kit can be assembled in any of three gear ratios and can be taken apart and reassembled to test multiple configurations.

This motor requires power source such as a battery box or a low voltage, moderate current solar panel like Educational Solar Cell w/Stand 1.5V, 400mA. .
Brand: Tamiya
Brand Part Number: 70203
Our Part Number: b4725


Educational Solar Cell w/Stand 1.5V, 400mA.
Narrow Tire Set (2)
Off-Road Tire Set (2)
36mm Truck Tire Set (4)
Track and Wheel Set
Ladder-Chain & Sprocket Set
Pulley Set: Large
Pulley Set: Small

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